Sunday, July 27, 2014

Less Fruitful Sunday

Hola familia y amigos!
    Yesterday was pretty disappointing in church because we had a bunch of people commited to coming to church and not one of them showed up. We went to visit Eleazar (the less active who brought his wife to church last week) a few times this week and both times his family told us he was out drinking. So sad. We need to find him and teach him the Word of Wisdom because I know he has a desire to change. Also, we passed by for Luis and Mercedes before church to bring them to church, but right as we showed up they were leaving the house for some 2 day vacation. We tried to commit them to coming to church next week but Mercedes said they go to their own church on Sundays. What? I know they go to an Evangelical church, but I'm pretty sure they don't go on Sundays. We'll see what happens with them. Almost every time we go to visit them Luis is sitting there reading the Book of Mormon and he already said he knows it's true so I am not ready to give up on this family. I know Luis is starting to understand the importance of baptism by the proper authority and if he gets baptized, I'll bet his wife will too. So we're keep working hard with them. 
  Reina, Beatriz's niece is really positive, as I mentioned. She's reading the Book of Mormon and praying every day and already has a testimony of the Restoration. She was commited to coming to church these last to Sundays, but didn't come because she was sick. I understand that that happens sometimes, but if she wants to get baptized on June 21st (the date she accepted), she needs to come to church ASAP. Also, Beatriz was sick on Sunday and still came to church, and she's a little old lady, so I'm pretty sure Reina could have come. We're gonna talk a bit about opposition with her and overcoming it with faith. 
  Ah, did I mention we found a dead baby mouse in our apartment this morning? That was a fun surprise. NOT. Hna. Garcia has a terrible fear of rats so I had to get rid of it and it was hard to get up the courage to do it. The makes one more on the list of creepy creatures: spiders, tarantula, cockroaches, bat, scorprion, giant centapide thing, dead mouse. I don't want to find out what's next. :S 
   I wonder if I will ever feel well-rested in my mission. Every night we get back to the house exhausted and I have to fight to stay awake in the plannign session. One night this week, I even feel asleep praying by my bed and woke up who knows how many hours later to the terrible pain of my arms having fallen asleep. I HATE that feeling! I think part of what maked us so tired is the heat. I'm convinced this is the hottest month of the year hear in Nicaragua, but we'll see if July is hotter. 
   We have a goal this month to read the whole Book of Mormon in one month. Right now I'm in 2nd Nephi, but I need to start reading more each day to be able to finish in the next 3 week or so. 
   I love meeting new people here and sharing the gospel with them. It hurts to meet close-minded people who don't want to receive more spiritual knowledge, but this week I learned that the reason why God doesn`t just lead us to the people who are prepared is because we have to preach to everyone to fulfill the prophecy the the gospel will be preached to every nation, kindred, and tongue. Come judgement day, no one will be able to say, "Nobody preached to me. I never knew". We've gotta tell the whole world. I know this is the true church of Jesus Christ with the fulness of the gospel and the pure doctrine. Every day, I receive little confirmations of that truth. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that no one can honestly read the whole thing and deny that it is the word of God. 
   I hope everyone has a great week! If you're feeling tired, go help someone who's more tired than you. If you're feeling angry, go bring a smile to someone who's angrier than you. If you need a hug, go give one to someone else! Love you all!
Hermana Hawkins

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