Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spiritual Spanish Soap Opera (say that ten times fast)

Hola familia y amigos,
    Well, I'm super ticked because I'm pretty sure this cyber just gave my camera card a virus and deleted like half the photos from my entire mission. Luckily I had most of them saved on a USB, but I lost all the photos I took in the last several weeks including the monkey park photos and all of Freydel's baptism pics. I want to punch someone in the face. Grrrr. Maybe they're somehow just hidden and I'll be able to still locate them. I hope so.      
  I went to look for tights today because my legs have been cold in the rainy, windy weather and the first place I asked said, "For dogs?" and I said, "No, for people..." and she said they didn't have any so I went to look somewhere else and when I asked, "Do you sell tights?", they said the same thing! "Just for dogs". What!? Who in the heck puts tights on their dog?? Hahaha. It was pretty funny. Guess my legs will continue to freeze and get attacked by bugs. 
    Anyway, we had a great first week of transfers. I'm having a blast with Hna. Ewing. She is hilarious and we've gotten into some pretty great laughing fits. I decorated her a trunky agenda because she's finishing her mission this change and it's a tradition to make a super trunky last agenda with pictures of weddings and temples and stuff haha. She put her agenda face down on the table in a lesson without thinking and then I looked at her as if to say, ´Don't let them see that!´ and we both tried so hard to keep from laughing as she quickly swiped the agenda off the table and hid it in her bag. She TOTALLY reminds me of Crystal Nilsen and that just makes me love her even more. 
    Also, we were replacing a light switch in our house and our land lord was standing in the door watching and we were telling her how expensive the lightbulb was (cuz she made us replace it and told us it would be cheaper than it was) and just in that moment, as I was pulling it out of the package, it flew out of my hands and hit the floor and shattered. We just bust out laughing. The funniest part was that when we looked up, our land lord was gone. Hahaha. She didn't even laugh or say anything! She just walked away! She was probably thinking something like, "These crazy white girls." 
   We were so happy and suprised when two suuuper less active families that we had been visiting finally came to church! And they came on their own! We didn't even pass by for them! Better yet, we were able to bring an awesome family of investigators. We had a really amazing, sacred experience with them this weekend and I don't really want to go into a lot of detail, but it was basically like living a real-life Spanish soap opera haha. Anyway, to kind of give you an idea of the miracle that we witnessed, I wrote a poem.

Two days past, God blessed me to behold

An incredible miracle and joy unforetold

Wounds healed. Compassion shown.

Hearts softened. Love grown. 

The writings of Matthew held power and remedy

 And kept from falling apart, a beautiful family.

 Angry words he would later regret

Converted to love and a will to forget

The mistake of one still burdened with grief.

The grace of the Savior helped her find relief.

Two troubled missionaries knew not what to do,

And struggled to share a scripture or two.

Tears shed. Prayers said. A new faith spurred. 

Hope was found in a wise man´s words. 

In the cold morning mist, they found him again. 

With a countenance changed and a desire to mend

A bond almost broken and I’ll tell you more,

That bond became stronger than before.

From one day to the next, it was like black and white, 

The difference in atmosphere, like dark to light.

They were left in awe, smiling ear-to-ear,

And a wedding and baptism are now drawing near. 

One miraculous God, two thankful hearts,

And countless blessings from the moment a mission starts. 

I know that Jesus Christ can heal and change hearts. I like the scripture 2 Nephi 25:13 "Behold, they wil crucify him, and after he is laid in a sepulchre for the space of three days he shall rise from the dead, with healing in his wings, and all those who shall believe on his name shall be saved in the kingdom of God. Wherefore, my soul delighteth to prophesy concerning him, for I have seen his day and my heart doth magnify his holy name." He has healing in his wings and the power to save us even though we are ever unprofitable servants. I delight in sharing this message and seeing the miraculous effects it can have on people´s lives. 
   Sorry I couldn't send pictures as I promised. I´ll just send one from my comp´s camera. Love you all and hope you always appreciate the blessings the gospel brings to families. 
Hermana Hawkins

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baptism Picture

Imágenes integradas 1

These are 4 people I taught in my last area who got baptized the week after I left! :) Left to right: Hna. Colado, Juan, Fernanda, Indyra, Nazareth, Hna. Castillo


Pics of my zone in Chinandega, and Gabriela's baptism.

Surprise Baptism and Transfers!

Helllooooo everyone!
     My comp had transfers! I was so shocked! I thought we would for sure be together for two changes, especially because she was only in her last area one transfer too. And now she's gonna be in a trio in Managua with the sister asistants to president! Crazy! I'm staying in Jinotega and my new comp is Hermana Ewing. She's a cute blond from California. This is her last transfer so I´ll be "killing her". I'm excited to be with her because she was already in Jinotega before in her mission so we´ll be able to go visit all her old investigators and give em another short to see if they´re ready for baptism now. Hermana Ewing taught Alex and Catalina who went to church to Sundays ago so they´ll be excited to see her. We´ve been on buses all day and I´m so worn out. I will sleep real good tonight. 
   This Saturday we were able to baptize a little girl named Freydel who´s 9 years old. It was probably the most spur-of-the-moment baptism I have ever had haha. Our possibilities for this month had fallen through and we were pretty sure we weren´t gonna have a baptism this transfer, but then on Wednesday we visited Freydel´s family and thought, "We could totally baptize her this Saturday!" Cuz she had been to church a bunch of times before with her mom. Her mom has been less active, but she was down for it, so we decided to plan it. We thought it would be a great way to get her mom excited to go back to church too. So we had her baptism Saturday and she was confirmed Sunday. Freydel´s pretty popular and was super excited to invite all her friends to her baptism and as a result, a bunch of her friends want to get baptized now and one of them went to church with her on Sunday! We met the girl´s family and taught her Dad and sisters and put a baptismal date with them for next month! It was pretty exciting. I don't have my camera with me today so I´ll have to send pictures next week. I´m glad Hermana Gubler and I could at least have one transfer together. 
   We had 4 investigators in church on Sunday. One of them was Indira and another was Luis (they both went to see the baptism last week). We were so happy to walk in and see them already seated and ready for church. But sadly, they didn´t stay after sacrament meeting so that made us worried that they didn´t get the best first impression of the church. Probably cause sacrament meeting started 20 minutes late again. Our branch needs some help. It mostly consists of relief society sisters and kids. We don´t even have a ward mission leader or an elder´s quorom president. But this week we have district conference so hopefully the leadres will have some ideas for how to help the branch. 
 Welp, that's all for this week. Until next week! Con amor, Hermna Hawkins

A Family at Church!

Hola familia y amigos!
   This week we were finally able to bring a family to church! There names are Alex and Catalina and they were former investigators that we picked up. 
  Unfortunately, Abelino still hasn't come to church and looks like he doesn't have a true desire to get baptized, so we're dropping him. Guess it was too good to be true.
   This Sunday we'll find out about transfers. I can't believe another transfer is already over! I only have three left! That's crazy!
  Our branch is really suffering with church attendance when it comes to priesthood holders. Sacrament meeting didn't start until 9:20 yesterday because  we were waiting for another priesthood holder to show up so there´d be someone to pass the sacrament. We only had the elders to bless it and one other guy, but he wasn´t in a white shirt and tie.
   Saturday night the elders had a baptism and we were able to have two investigators there! It was supposed to start at 6:20 and we were still passing by for investigators at that time and I decided to pass by for one more investigator and risk being late. So we went by the house of a family named Maura and Luis and Luis was there, shirtless, sitting in his chair relaxed watching TV and when I invited him to the baptism he said, "When?" And I said, "Right now... like in 15 minutes" and he paused, and then said, "yeah, I'm gonna go. Is it alright if I come at 7pm" and I said yes. But he just said it so easily that I felt like maybe he was lying and wasn't gonna show up, but a minute before the baptism started he walked in with his daughter! And another awesome investigator named Indira came with her adorable little 2-year-old daughter Camila as well! It was a great service and even better because while the guy who was baptized was changing out of his wet clothes, they pretty much had a testimony meeting and almost all the members in attendance shared their conversion stories! The spirit was really strong! And Luis told us the next day that he liked it and wants to go to church with his wife! He couldn't go yesterday, but we're gonna commit him for this week! :9
  Last Monday we got to go the monkey park which costs only about a quarter to get in and you can feed the monkeys!! I have them a banana and a juice box and some cookies haha. The monkeys have creepy long arms and reach out and grab things. One even grabbed my comps hair! Haha!
  Sooo sorry I don't have time to respond to anyone's individual email, but as I always do, I'll print them off and read them and respond next week! Love you all! 
Hermana Hawkins

More Investigators

Hola familia y amigos,
  This week we hardly had any time in our area because Tuesday we had a training meeting in Managua and Wednesday we had division with the sister training leader and Thursday we were Matagalpa all day an interview activity with President Collado. That was a hard day. Part of the activity was certifying a lesson so that they could see if we had learned the new form of teaching they introduced to us a few weeks ago that includes a focus on blessings and more inspired questions. I thought I was already using the new form of teaching, but it turns out, not so much. In the activity, we had to teach an investigator who was played by one of the sister training leaders and the other one rated us. We started out really well and then somewhere in the middle we tried to cover too much lesson material instead of really focusing on her needs and I could just see our leaders´ expressions change from impressed and excited to disappointed. It was really disheartening. Afterwards, they explained to us what we did wrong and my self esteem took a dive as a realized I have been doing a lot of things wrong in my mode of teaching for the entire mission and that I had forgotten a lot of the simple things they taught us in the CCM. It was a great learning experience and helped me to know what I need to work on, but it was also really overwhelming knowing I had a lot of changes to make and wondering why I hadn't figured this out before. How much wasted time could I have avoided? How many more investigators would have progressed instead of being dropped? How many more baptisms would I have seen? How hard will it be to master this new teaching techniquew? It was a lot to take on at once. But the next day, as I started to put some of the things I learned in practice, I started to feel more hopeful and it seems like we're already seeing results. I wish I had understood earlier in my mission what exactly it means to teach people and not lessons, but I'm grateful that I'm starting to understand it now.
   We found some pretty promising investigators this week. One of them is a couple named Pedro and Idañia who were former investigators and accepted a baptismal date for this Sunday. But they didn't come to church this Sunday as they promised so we'll see. Please pray for them so that they can move forward with their decision to be baptized.
  Sadly, we still haven't been able to bring investigators to church here, but we have some good plans for this weekend so I'm feeling hopeful about General Conference. I am soooo excited for conference!! I'm already prepared with some good questions of the soul. 
   I'm having a lot of fun with my comp. Hna. Gubler is super smart and ambitious. She's really funny too. Dad, I got a joke for you (courtesy of my comp): What happens when a cow jumps over a fence? Udder destruction!! Hahaha, that's punny, eh? I laughed. 
  Yesterday, my comp and I each had to give a 12 minute talk in sacrament meeting. I've never had to give a talk that long. Even my farewell talk was only about 10 minutes. And here's the worst part: the theme was... the millenium. What? Of all the themes they could have chosen, they picked the millenium? They could have at least picked something that was more related to missionary work so I could use the things I'm already studying in personal study for my investigators. I hardly knew anything about the millenium! But I learned a lot in the process, so it was a good experience. And I was able to tie it into missionary work, temples, and General Conference so it turned out pretty well. 
   Hna. Castillo told me that Gabriella is going out with the missionary almost every day and sharing her testimony. Aw, so awesome! That made me really happy to hear. 
   Well, I'm super sorry, but I'm completely out of time and won't be able to respond to any of your personal emails, but I will try to plan better next week so I can respond to everyone. Love you all! Enjoy General Conference!!
Hermana Hawkins


Hola familia y amigos!
   This week has been nice and COLD! It has rained every day and even rained for three days straight at the beginning of this week! I actually have to wear a coat!  The mosquitos or other sorts of bugs have been pretty fierce here and are attacking our legs and feet and making us suuuuper itchy! I think I'm gonna buy myself some long socks to keep warma and protect me legs!
 Last Monday evening we got to do a cool bonfire activity with the zone and roast marshamllows. 
  We got a happy surprise this week when we were having a lesson with a less active and her non-member uncle named Abelino. The less active said, "He has all the missionary lessons." And he said, "Yeah, the missionaries were visiting me before, but I just didn't feel prompted to get baptized. And now I do." SAY WHAT? My face lit up! It's like someone just handed us a baptism! Obviously we can`t take credit for it, because we didn´t teach him a thing, but at least I feel like we´re doing what we´re supposed to if God led us to him. I worry that it´s a little too good to be true, but we talked directly with him to make sure he understands what a big commitment this is and that he needs to go to church every Sunday after his baptism and he seems to understand so he'll probably be getting baptized next week if all goes well. 
   We couldn't bring any investigators to church yesterday, but we had some success with less actives and recent converts. Jamilet didn't make it to church yesterday, but that night we visited her and she accepted a baptismal date for this month. 
  Pedro and Idania weren´t serious about wanting to get baptised and wouldn´t keep commitments so we dropped them. 
  I made mac n´cheese in a frying pan this week. Not that easy. Not that easy. (Name that movie! McKenna?) 
    We found a bunch of new investigators this week and some of them seem to have  lot of potential. I'm loving it here in Jinotega. Hope you all have a great week. Love you, Hermana Hawkins

Conference Weekend

Hola familia y amigos,
   This week was good because we got to see General Conference, but not so great because we had to drop about 80% of our investigators because they promised to go to Conference and didn't even make it to once session. Ok, I really don't have very much time to write so I'm just gonna share a cool miracle experience we had this week. Early in the week, we contacted a couple named Jamilet and Davin in the street and gave them a spur-of-the-moment tour of the church. They seemed to really like it and the husband whispered to his wife near the end of the tourm "Beautiful, right?". So we took down their address and went to find them later in the week, but as we went to look for their house, we realized I took down the address wrong and was missing the reference point. All we knew is that they live in a neighborhood called Camilo Ortega. There are two streets which are part of Camilo Ortega separated by another street with a different name. Anyway, we started asking people on the street if they knew them and no one did, and pretty soon it was clear we were gonna need a miracle to find them. My comp suggested we say a very specific prayer so we found a little alleyway where there weren´t any people and she offered it, asking that God would help us find the family if we talked with every person we came in contact with. After the prayer we went back out to the main street and the first person we saw was a little girl. We asked her and she didn't know them. Then a young guy came up the street and we asked him and he said he didn't know anyone on the street with those names. (At this point I was thinking we should just go to the other Camilo Ortega street.) Then a lady came up the street at the same time we noticed a lady at her window so Hna. Gubler told me to go talk with the first lady while she asked the lady at the window. I did and she didn't know her, so I went back over to where Hna. Gubler was and when I saw that the lady at the window was on the phone, thought `Let´s not bother her. Let`s go to the other street.` But then she put one finger up as if to say ´just a minute`. And next thing I know Jamilet´s face popped up in the window and I felt such a rush of suprise, excitement and gratitude in that moment. Definitely got a bit teary-eyed. Prayer works!! We only had to talk with 4 people in less than 4 minutes to be able to find their house! And I KNOW we wouldn't have found it without God's help and without talking with everyone. THAT was a miracle. So cool. What makes things even cooler is that she was the ONLY investigator who came to conference this weekend. This taught me that I need to ALWAYS seek revelation to know where to go and who to teach. Soooo sorry I can't send pictures this week. The files on my memory card are hidden and I have to go to a different cyber next week because there's a guy who can unhide the files. So pics to come next week! Also, I'm probably just gonna have to respond to everyone's personal emails the week after from now on. Love you all! Hope you have a cool spiritual experience this week as your excercise your faith to pray for specific desires and are willing to give God something in return!
Con amor, Hermana Hawkins

Love This Area

Hola familia y amigos!
   So I am LOVING Jinotega. It's cool weather and in the mountains and we sometimes have to HIKE to our teaching appointments? How cool is that?! Mom, you would love it here. I'm going to bring you here when I get back. Our area is HUGE. The are houses built way up high in the mountains. There's this one house we went to teach a lesson that we pretty much risked our lives to get to. It is soooooo steep and there's loose dirt so it¡s pretty scary. Coming down from another house up high a few days ago, I slipped on some mud and totally fell on my hands and got mud all up my skirt and legs and my hands were covered. It was quite an adventure! The view here is amazing! I wish my camera took good night picture, but sadly it doesn't. But it's so pretty at night to look down in the valley and see all the twinkling blue and yellow lights of the houses. I am sooooo grateful to be here. We have a lunch appointment for two weeks and her food is yummy, but after the two weeks end, we'll be switching over to someone else so I really hope she cooks well too. We don't have a single dinner appointment so this week we've just eaten from a couple fritangas and... a LOT of pizza. There's this place called Dino's Pizza here and we ate there 4 times haha. I guess it's no wonder my face is breaking out so much. But we found a little elelctric stove in our house so we're gonna start cooking some simple food in our house to save money. I finally finished the Book of Mormon this week. My goal was a month and I finished it in about 4, but hey, that's a lot less than I had ever done it before. Also, "where the sidewalk ends" takes on a whole new meaning here because there are holes in the sidewalk! The sidewalk is built over this trench/sewer thing and it freaks me out to walk on the sidewalk. I try to send a picture of it next week. This week we've mostly been trying to get to know the area and find new investigators cuz we pretty much started from zero. More to come on them next week! Love you all, Hermana Hawkins. 
P.s. Our branch is tiny. There are only about 15 active relief society sisters. Our branch attendance yesterday was 60. Our goal is to duplicate the attendance. 

   So a little bit more about my comp. She's the oldest of four children. We've been having a lot of fun getting to know each other and sharing stories. We talk in English in the house and are trying to talk mostly Spanish in the street. She's only been in Nicaragua for like 2 months and her Spanish is already really good. She'll be fluent in no time. 


Dear family and friends,
     Guess where I´m writing you from?! My new area of Jinotega (in Matagalpa)!! As I said before... I never repeat myself. Just kidding haha. As I said before, I didn't expect to have transfers. I thought I would be staying here another too change to finish training Hermana Castillo, but what to my surprised when the ZLs announced I would be going to Matagalpa! I was super excited because I've been wanting to go there because I'd heard it's really pretty. In Acome, there were four sister: Hna. Castillo and I, Hna. Arguetta and Hna. Colado. Hna. Arguetta and I were transferred and Hna. Colado will be finishing training Hna. Castillo and they're closing our area and putting in elders. When I heard that, I felt bad thinking president didn't see me as fit to finish Hna. Castillo's training and that he closed our area and reopened it because we weren't having success. But turns out, the stake president had wanted a pair of elders. And when I got to Managua for the changes, I found out I'll be finishing the training of another sister- Hna. Gubler- who's from Utah! My first american comp! I'm so excited! I think we'll have a lot of fun together. She's a cute, charismatic blond from Tooele, Utah. She did show choir in high school too and loves to read and watch movies. She did a year at BYU as well. Also, she's certifiably insane because she doesn't like chocolate, but it's ok, I forgive her. More chocolate for me!! Woohoo! She's the oldest of four kids and her whole family is members. She loves Disney and we decided we're doing the Disney College Program together when we get off our missions. Jinotega is beautiful! It's in the mountains and the weather is COOL! I'm so grateful to be out of the hot, hot Chinandega sun. If feels sooooo nice here! But I'll probably want to put a coat cuz I here it gets really cold here sometimes. Our house is nice and comfortable. I'll miss the beautiful house in my old area, but this one is good. Oh, and did mention that I'm opening an area?! It's been over 6 months since there have been sisters here. Before there were 2 elders in a huge area, but now they divided it and put us 2 sisters in. It's a branch that has been dropping in attendance, but we hope to double the attendance while we're here. I think it will be fun to open an area because everything is so new and there is so much potencial and I'm just downright excited! Everthing went well with Gabriela's baptism and she was confirmed Sunday in church. And she already offered to accompany us to lessons so she can share her testimony! Awesome! More to come next week! Love you all!  Hermana Hawkins

Much to Tell

Hola familia y amigos,
   Wow, it feels like just yesterday I was writing you all with my predictions for transfers. Can it really be that another transfer is already almost over? This Sunday we´ll find out who has changes. I´m pretty sure I´ll be staying a fifth change here to finish my comp´s training. Welp, we just got word that President for some reason decided to cut the intenet time in half (now it´s only 45 minutes) for the whole mission! So if I don´t have time to respond to everyone´s email, you know why. I´m trying to type as fast as I can cuz there´s a lot to write about.
   Yesterday we had 11 investigators at church! It was great! Especially because Juan finally went to church with Marta! The day before we did a fast with them in mind and it payed off! Oh, I hope we can see them get baptized this month! The mission goal for this month is to baptize 306 people, and of that, 107 families. 
    Sadly, Alfredo and Mirna didn't show up at church yesterday even though they had promised. I´m pretty sure we´re going to have to drop them. It´s SO sad because they seemed SOOOO prepared! Grrr. It´s frustrating. But I´d rather spend time visiting people who want to progress.
    We found this less active named Miriam and started teaching her 13 year-old daughter Indyra and her husband Juan. Miriam said she stopped going to church because all her kids go to an Evangelical church and they kept begging her to go with them, so she started going there with them, but never got baptized. She said that church doesn´t make her fill "full" and that she´s been feeling lonely. She says she´s always known this is the true church. She just needed some encouragement to go back to church. So God sent us to her and now she´s come to church 2 weeks in a row with her daughter. Her husband was gonna go yesterday, but got called in to work to finish a construction job that needed some extra work. But wanna here a really cool story about Juan? We went to visit him this week and he told us that people, including some of his own kids, have been mocking him and saying that the "Mormon church" is bad and that it isn´t true and its ´not the legitimate church. And you know what he responded, "I´ve been to a lot of churches and I haven´t felt good in any of them. I´ve never been to the Mormon church. I´m gonna try this. And I´m gonna get baptized on the 28th." Say what!? AWESOME! We had set a baptismal date with him for the 28th in the first lesson with him, but we had no idea he had taken it to heart so much! So cool! Indyra is also preparing for the 28th.
    This Friday, we´ll be having the baptism of a 19 year-old girl named Gabriela is was SUPER prepared for the gospel and is super excited for her baptism. She´s inviting everyone. Something funny about her is that she was a referal given to the other pair of sisters in our ward, but before they went to contact her, we happened to come across her in the street and put an appointment with her and started teaching her so she became our investigator! Haha. She has been going through some really rough times. She was actually introduced to the church by a member friend, who later betrayed her in a really cruel way and fell away from the church. But she didn´t let that change her interest in the church. It is so amazing that she could recognize that what her friend did to her is not something that we teach in our church. She had an interview with the bishop yesterday and he later told us that it was a special interview and that he could see that the spirit is touching her heart and that we´re on the right path as missionaries. That was cool to hear. 
   Also, Veronica (the wife of Donald) finally went to church yesterday! We decided to pay her another visit yesterday in the morning, and boy did she need us. She was feeling really depressed and said she sometimes doesn´t want to go on living because she´s so sad thinking about her two sons that passed away. One commited suicide in her own house while she was gone for just 20 minutes and the other was only 5 years old and was electrecuted in an accident. She has suffered SO MUCH. But I know the only person who can heal her is Jesus Christ. Please keep her in your prayers. 
   We´re still working with Reyna and the only thing thats holding her back from getting baptized is her boyfriend. She has the hope that they´re gonna get married and baptized together, but judging from the fact that he´s lied to us like 3 times about going to church, I doubt he has any interest in the church. 
   The meeting with Elder Alonzo was inspiring. I was wrong about the Young Men´s General president coming too. Too make a long story short, there´s a missionary here who just found out she has a genetic sickness that will completely alter her life and destroy career plans and I´m pretty sure there is no cure. A normal case of the sickness ranges between 20-40 on a point system and a severe case of the sickness is about 40-60. Her test results came back as over 3000. I could not believe her when she told me. That´s is really bad! It made me cry to hear about it. Anyway, realizing how much she has been suffering without ever complaining (she didnt even want people to know she was sick) has really changed my perspective. Sometimes I whine about the tiniest little things, and here she is humbly suffering in silence and not looking for attention or anything, but rather faithfully accepting the will of God. She is such an amazing example. Well anyway, in the meeting with Elder Alonzo, he had finished his talk and passed the time to his wife, but then stood up again and said the spirit had prompted to say something else and that he couldn´t forget to day it. He said that at lunch hour he had felt an overwhelming exhaustiona and thought it was just from such a spiritually-strong atmosphere having present many powerful missionaries, but that later in the meeting he realized that wasn´t it and that the Spirit made him feel tired to let him know that there were some missionaries present who were struggling a lot physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Then he left an apostolic blessing and promise that they would be healed. He said, "Doctors and medicine can´t do what God can do." I was in tears thinking about that particular missionary and knowing that blessing was made especially for her. I know God knows our individual needs and struggles. I know the leaders of the church are called of God.  I know the power of the priesthood is really and that the Holy Ghost can give us personal revelation. 
 Well, I´m completely out of time. More to come next week. Thank you all for the notes of encouragement. It´s helping meet to not have a stress-attack. I love you all. 
Hermana Hawkins