Sunday, November 2, 2014

Love This Area

Hola familia y amigos!
   So I am LOVING Jinotega. It's cool weather and in the mountains and we sometimes have to HIKE to our teaching appointments? How cool is that?! Mom, you would love it here. I'm going to bring you here when I get back. Our area is HUGE. The are houses built way up high in the mountains. There's this one house we went to teach a lesson that we pretty much risked our lives to get to. It is soooooo steep and there's loose dirt so it¡s pretty scary. Coming down from another house up high a few days ago, I slipped on some mud and totally fell on my hands and got mud all up my skirt and legs and my hands were covered. It was quite an adventure! The view here is amazing! I wish my camera took good night picture, but sadly it doesn't. But it's so pretty at night to look down in the valley and see all the twinkling blue and yellow lights of the houses. I am sooooo grateful to be here. We have a lunch appointment for two weeks and her food is yummy, but after the two weeks end, we'll be switching over to someone else so I really hope she cooks well too. We don't have a single dinner appointment so this week we've just eaten from a couple fritangas and... a LOT of pizza. There's this place called Dino's Pizza here and we ate there 4 times haha. I guess it's no wonder my face is breaking out so much. But we found a little elelctric stove in our house so we're gonna start cooking some simple food in our house to save money. I finally finished the Book of Mormon this week. My goal was a month and I finished it in about 4, but hey, that's a lot less than I had ever done it before. Also, "where the sidewalk ends" takes on a whole new meaning here because there are holes in the sidewalk! The sidewalk is built over this trench/sewer thing and it freaks me out to walk on the sidewalk. I try to send a picture of it next week. This week we've mostly been trying to get to know the area and find new investigators cuz we pretty much started from zero. More to come on them next week! Love you all, Hermana Hawkins. 
P.s. Our branch is tiny. There are only about 15 active relief society sisters. Our branch attendance yesterday was 60. Our goal is to duplicate the attendance. 

   So a little bit more about my comp. She's the oldest of four children. We've been having a lot of fun getting to know each other and sharing stories. We talk in English in the house and are trying to talk mostly Spanish in the street. She's only been in Nicaragua for like 2 months and her Spanish is already really good. She'll be fluent in no time. 

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