Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Family at Church!

Hola familia y amigos!
   This week we were finally able to bring a family to church! There names are Alex and Catalina and they were former investigators that we picked up. 
  Unfortunately, Abelino still hasn't come to church and looks like he doesn't have a true desire to get baptized, so we're dropping him. Guess it was too good to be true.
   This Sunday we'll find out about transfers. I can't believe another transfer is already over! I only have three left! That's crazy!
  Our branch is really suffering with church attendance when it comes to priesthood holders. Sacrament meeting didn't start until 9:20 yesterday because  we were waiting for another priesthood holder to show up so there´d be someone to pass the sacrament. We only had the elders to bless it and one other guy, but he wasn´t in a white shirt and tie.
   Saturday night the elders had a baptism and we were able to have two investigators there! It was supposed to start at 6:20 and we were still passing by for investigators at that time and I decided to pass by for one more investigator and risk being late. So we went by the house of a family named Maura and Luis and Luis was there, shirtless, sitting in his chair relaxed watching TV and when I invited him to the baptism he said, "When?" And I said, "Right now... like in 15 minutes" and he paused, and then said, "yeah, I'm gonna go. Is it alright if I come at 7pm" and I said yes. But he just said it so easily that I felt like maybe he was lying and wasn't gonna show up, but a minute before the baptism started he walked in with his daughter! And another awesome investigator named Indira came with her adorable little 2-year-old daughter Camila as well! It was a great service and even better because while the guy who was baptized was changing out of his wet clothes, they pretty much had a testimony meeting and almost all the members in attendance shared their conversion stories! The spirit was really strong! And Luis told us the next day that he liked it and wants to go to church with his wife! He couldn't go yesterday, but we're gonna commit him for this week! :9
  Last Monday we got to go the monkey park which costs only about a quarter to get in and you can feed the monkeys!! I have them a banana and a juice box and some cookies haha. The monkeys have creepy long arms and reach out and grab things. One even grabbed my comps hair! Haha!
  Sooo sorry I don't have time to respond to anyone's individual email, but as I always do, I'll print them off and read them and respond next week! Love you all! 
Hermana Hawkins

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