Sunday, February 15, 2015

What to Write?

Hey everybody!
   What to write. What to write. Well first off, today was fun cuz we got to go ziplining as a district in Matagalpa! It wasn´t super long, about 3 minutes, but it was pretty high up so I wasn´t sure if I´d get up the guts to jump, but it actually wasn´t scary at all. I would totally go on it again, and launch off faster. It was cool to zip over the trees and look out across the city of Matagalpa. I´ll send pics.
  This week we worked really hard to commit people to church and put baptismal dates and were happy that many people accepted dates and commited to church. We were sure we´d have people in church. But alas, once again, not a single investigator. It was pretty disappointing. But a silver lining was getting to hear a previously less active member that we helped reactivate bear a powerful testimony and say that she knew this was the only true church cuz it was the only church where she felt peace and felt her family being strengthened. We haven´t reached the goal of 80 for church attendance yet, but we´re getting there. We´re starting an MTC for the members. Like a workshop to help them be good member missionaries. We had the first class yesterday. We´re doing a point system where they can earn points by doing things like giving us referrals or acompanying us to a lesson or bringing someone to church and if they earn 100 points in the next 8 weeks they get to participate in an exclusive activity as a prize. I think it´ll be good and help the members to get more excited about missionary work. Even though I won´t be here for the full 8 weeks, I´ll be glad to have helped strengthen the branch in this way. 
  God never lets me go past my breaking point. But he sure does let me get awfully close. I was feeling super stressed this morning and even broke out with a cold sore for the first time in months and while we were on the bus going to Matagalpa, I realized my plaque fell off on the way to catch the bus. I thought, ¨Ugh, just my luck. Who knows where it landed? And I only have one other plaque but the name of the church is almost erased¨ But it turns out my comp saw it fell and picked it up and waited to tell me so she could see my reaction. Not funny. But I´m so glad I didn´t lose it. Then, the guy passed through the bus to collect the bus fare and I realized I only had 10 cordobas and I needed 50 and the only other money I had was a $20 but the guy didn´t have change. (My comp didn´t have any money cuz she ran out) Had another little minnie panic attack and then found a $1 in my wallet that I had taken out of a letter London gave me before the mission. With the dollar and my ten cordobas and some coins I had in my bag, we were able to cover the cost. Looks like that $1 came in very handy, London. Thank you! God always grants us little tender mercies if we look for them.
   I only have 4 Sunday left in my mission. Investigators have to go to church 3 times before they can get baptized so basically our investigators would have to go to church the next three consecutive Sunday without fail to be able to be baptized the following Saturday. Here´s hoping for a miracle. I really want to see some fruits of our labors. Isn´t that what God promises us? I´m trying not to get discouraged and focus on being grateful. The end of the race is the defining point. 
   Much love to all. Have a happy week. Attentamente, Hermana Hawkins 

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