Sunday, March 1, 2015

This Week

  So some members heard about the ants in our house that have been making us itch and offered to come fumigate. We said ok and they got to our house around 3pm yesterday. They figured it would be a good idea to spread diesel gasoline all over our walls (and even mop our floor with it) to get rid of the ants. Horrible idea! Our house still reaked of gasoline when we got back to the house 5 hours later! Actually, the smell STILL hasn´t gone away. You know how much I hate the smell of gas. I´m the one who breathes into her shirt when we stop at a gas station to fill up. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant night yesterday. I think the smell is ever so slowly going away so hopefully it will be all gone soon. Now you know: gasoline doesn´t go on walls. It goes in cars.
   We found an awesome new family this week named Yerling and Luis. And they came to church on Sunday! Ah, I knew when I came to this part of my mission it would be hard: finding people and knowing I won´t be able to see them get baptized cuz I´ll already by gone. But either way, I will be happy to hear if they get baptized. I think Yerling and Luis have great potential. 
   Carlos and Jonatan are progressing well and they are our hopes for this change. Jonatan´s parents didn´t go to church on Sunday so I won´t be able to see them get baptized this month. But please keep Jonatan and Carlos in your prayers. 
  I´m sorry this is such a short, boring letter. Next week´s will be better. Especially cuz it will be my last!! Ta ta for now. Hermana Hawkins

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