Monday, October 21, 2013

Hola from Nicaragua!

Wow, where to even begin? I have 12 minutes to write today. My P-day
is on Monday, but they let me send a quick email today. These past 3
days have been the longest 3 days of my life. The first day I got here
I was just excited and ready to work, but later I was not. I found out
my new companion. Her name is Hna. Salinas and she's from Costa Rica.
She is super nice and patient and speaks quite a bit of English. We
speak totally in Spanish, but if I don't know a word in Spanish I'll
say it in English and she usually knows what it is. We went to the
mission home the first day and had lunch and a spiritual thought with
a bunch of other missionaries and then we went to our areas. I'm in
Los Repartos, which is part of Leon. My casa is really empty. We don't
have a single dresser so I'm living out of a suitcase. There are lots
of bugs here. We have a shower and it's cold, but not bad cuz it's so
hot and humid here. We each have a fan by our beds so it makes it much
more pleasant and I'm able to sleep quite nicely. But I experienced
some major culture shock my first day. We got to our casa and Hna.
Salina's previous companion had left me a welcome note with candies
and little stars all over the desk and that made me cry and then we
sat down to go through the plan for the day. That's when I really
broke down. I just couldn't believe this was real life and I couldn't
understand anything people were saying and I couldn't imagine living
here for the next 17 months. Everything is so different here. The
people have nothing. I was fighting back tears the whole rest of the
day. We taught a lesson to a family living in a one-room house without
a bathroom or kitchen. The woman was wearing plastic princess shoes-
that's how poor they are. I felt guilty for all the things I have. The
Nicaraguan accent is soooo hard to understand. I can communicate
pretty well with my companion- althought I have to ask her to repeat
herself a lot- but I can't understand the Nicas at all. They are super
friendly though. I was doing a lot better the next day and didn't cry
but holy cow, I don't know how I'm gonna do this. I'm taking it one
day at a time. I'm running on pure faith. Hna. Behan and Hna. Howell
are in my zone- thank goodness. I've seen them a few times and was so
happy to be able to speak some English. Well, I'm out of time. Please
pray for me. I love you.

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