Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Christmas Season

Hola familia y amigos!
I can´t believe it´s December. It doesn´t feel like Christmas at all. I miss snow and caroling and Christmas goodies! I bought a string of Christmas lights for our casa to make it feel more like Christmas, but it really will be so different this year. I felt pretty homesick yesterday during the Christmas devotional remembering years passed when we would watch it together as a family in the Berthoud building. I couldn´t understand that much of the devotional, but I think I got the general idea of the messages and I definitely felt the spirit. 
This week was kind of uneventful. We spent a lot of time contacting, trying to find a new family to teach. We have one progressing family that we´re really hoping to get baptized before Christmas, but they have to get married first. So far, things are looking good and the baptism is set for Dec. 22nd
Dec. 8 is a huge holiday here to celebrate the Virgin Mary. I don´t understand why people think it´s right to make a bigger deal out of Christ´s mother than of Christ. Doesn´t make any sens. But anyway, the Catholics put up these big Mary scenes in front of their house and decorate them with lights. And there are also TONS of fireworks! There are no prohibitions on fireworks here. People just set them off whenever they want in the streets and it gets to be quite annoying. All day long, there are louds POP! noises that makes us jump out of our skin. As I said before, I think I might go deaf haha. 
Yesterday in church was the Primary Program. It´s amazing to see how the cultures around the world are so different, but the church remains the same- the same songs, the same spirit, the same doctrine, and most importantly, the same Savior. I administration of the church is truly miraculous to reach so many different nations around the world. 
This week we found out that the family we had asked to pray to see if Dec. 22nd was the indicated date for them to get married and baptized (Esperanza and Francisco) have decided to wait until the last week of January to get married and baptized. Bummer. It will be sad if one of us isn´t here to see it. But the good thing is that they´ve chosen a date and are moving forward. They´re great. 
Last P-day, Hna. Behan and I got to take the roof tour of the Cathedral in Leon. It was SO COOL! We could look our across all of Leon! I´m sending a bunch of pics. 
Well, that´s pretty much all for this week and I´m out of time so ta ta for now! Love you all! Enjoy the Christmas season and the wonderful spirit it brings!

Love, Hermana Hawkins

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