Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hola familia y amigos! Transfers are tomorrow! I'm stayin in Leòn and my new comp will be Hermana Tarax (prnounced "tar-ahsh"). I'll meet her tomorrow. I've heard she's a really great missionary. She'll be senior comp and also the sister training leader in our zone. I'm so glad I don't have to train. Hermana Behan has the same time in the mission as me (just finished her training) and is already gonna be training! Crazy! I'm hope I will be ready when that day comes for me. This week we had the baptism of a guy named Jorge planned for Saturday, but we had to move it back because he had had some doubts that he needed to get baptized again since he was already baptized in another church. We explained that it's important to be baptized with the proper authority from God. On Sunday, he came to church, but he wasn't in the class for new people after sacrament meeting so we thought he had left, but we found him later in the bishop's office talking with the bishop! When he came out, Hna. Salinas asked him if he'd been reading and he smiled and nodded yes and she asked if he'd prayed and he nodded yes with a smile again. That's a good sign! We'll see how teaching him goes this week. I think he could be ready for baptism this weekend. We're also teaching Jorge's friend, Marlo. He is golden! In our first lesson with him, we pulled out a Book of Mormon and started telling him about it and before I could tell him the copy was for him to keep, he asked if he could find it at a book store cuz he wanted a copy.Hewas so interested he was gonna look for and buy one! We told him the copy was for him and asked him to read 2 verses in Moroni and pray about it before our next visit. He said he wouldand then asked if he could start from the beginning and read it. Of course! Then we extended the baptismal invitation for Jan. 25th. He said yes, and then asked if could get baptized before that day if he felt ready!! Heck yes you can!! He is totally ready for this gospel. I'm excited to see how things go. This week we were walking in the street and passed out house where a guy was blasting super vulgar music in English and he was shouting out the profane words! It was HORRIBLE!! I cringed and picked up my pace. How can people listen to such abominable music? Satan is real. We met with Francisco and Esperanze this week and were very disappointed to hear that Francisco is going to work in Costa Rica and could be gone for a whole year which means their goal to get married and baptized at the end of this month is shot and we have to drop them. So sad!! I sure hope future missionaries contact them and that they'll be ready then. Oh, did I mention we found a huge tarantula crawling on the wall in our house this week? We tried to kill it by throwingflipflopsand spraying bug killed at it, but it escaped out the window in the roof of our house and I was so afraid it was gonna come back in the middle of the night, but as far as I know, it didn't. Welp, that's all for this week! Tomorrow, I'll have a new companion! I hope the adjustment isn't too hard. I know that with the Lord's help, I can make the transition alright. I love you all!!! Until next week, Hermana Hawkins

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