Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hola familia y amigos!!
First off, tomorrow are transfers and I'm going to Chinandega! Believe it or not, it's even hot there than it is here. Ah, I'm going to die of heat stroke. So if you don't hear from me next week, you'll know why. Haha.
My new comp's name is Hna. Cruz. I haven't met her and all I know is that she's from Nicaragua. I'll be senior comp. Not that that even matters. When you're working together like you're supposed who is senior comp and who is junior comp is irrelevant. Really the only difference is that the money for the house gets deposited in the senior comp´s account so I'll be responsable for taking care of that. I'm sad to say goodbye to the people here, but I know I will meet many more amazing people throughout my mission. This week there a dust storm here. I didn't even realize how gross I was getting until I wiped my face with a tissue and tons of dirt came off. It was crazy. I'll send pics next week.
This Saturday we got to watch the Women's Conference and I loved it! I was suprised how much of the talks I could understand. It was so powerful to hear the women, young women, and girls of the church sing together! It made me think of all of the amazing women I know and how they were probably watching the same broadcast at the same time and it made me really miss everyone. It´ll probably be the same with General Conference this weekend. But I'm so excited to hear from the living prophet! It will be awesome. I don't think I really apreciated General Conference until my mission. It's so great to receive modern revelation. Everybody make sure to watch it!
Two of the sisters who I came with, Hermana Howell and Hermana Lesher, had to go home for medical issues. Sad day. I hope they get better and will be able to finish their missions.
Someone here told me that the U.S. has started putting some sort of chip in people to make it easier to pay for things? Is that true? Sounds pretty dangerous to me.
This week was great. We're teaching some great families: Ruddy (who came to church again and is totally ready to be baptized. He talks about baptism more tha any investigatos I´ve ever had. We were hoping he could get baptized before the transfers, but we haven't taught all the lessons yet so it will probably be this week that he gets baptized. I'm sad I won't be here to see it, but if I can at least hear about it, that will be enough.) We're also teaching 3 families in one house who are a referral from members that accompany us to every lesson! It's awesome! Ah, of course, just when we're starting to see success, I get transferred. It's a real bummer that Hna. Tarax and I didn't have a single baptism together, but Ruddy's baptism will practically be ours.
Anyway, I'm glad that I'm leaving my comp with some good investigators instead of a leaving a burden for her, which is how it would have been if had been transferred last changed. I've learned a lot this change and I'm excited for the new adventures in Chinandega! I love you all. Enjoy conference!!
Con amor, Hermana Hawkins

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