Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crazy Week

Hola familia y amigos,
   Just to give you an idea of how my week went... I had a mystery allergy reaction, fell in the mud in the middle of a contact, and experienced a fair share of rejection.
  Let's start with the falling the mud story. We contacted a couple in the street and then we were like, "Here, let´s move over to the side so we´re not in the middle of the street", but as we were moving, I slipt and fell hands down in the mud. The worst part is... they acted like it didn't even happen and almost walked away, but turned back and said, "What do you want?" They didn't even laugh or ask if I was ok! I was like, "Uh, I just fell." And then saw that my comp was trying so hard not to laugh that it made me laugh, so I tried to get ahold of myself and said we were missionaries and that we wanted to invite them to church. And then they kinda just said ok, and walked away. My comp and I bust out laughing. They were so rude!! Oh well. We got a good laugh out of it.
   Now about the allergic reaction...Friday my throat started tickling and that night I felt kinda itchy. I didn't sleep well and the next morning woke up with swollen hands and swollen eyelids and my whole body itched. I took some benedryl and the swelling started to go down. I was fine for most of the day. But by that night, my legs and hands started to itch really bad and when we got to the house, I realized I was breaking out in hives. I took some more medicine, but it takes about 45 minutes to kick in. I was soooooooo itchy. I scratched my legs a bunch, but instead of the usual relief you feel after scratching an itch, my skin just stung. I smothered calomine lotion on them and then covered them in anti-itch powder, but it didn't help. I just sat there and tried not to scratch my legs raw, but I felt like scraping my skin with a knife it itched so bad! It was definitely one of the most unpleasant feeling ever. I fell asleep still scratching and stinging and felt quite a bit better in the morning, but my feet were all swollen up and still itched, as did my hands. I took some medicine and was alright the rest of the day and slept alright. This morning my feet are still kinda swollen and itch real bad, but the mission nurse told me to put some hidrocortizone cream on it and to take cepinizina, and it seems like it's been helping. My throat still tickles a lot though, and I'm sure I've been annoying my comp with my coughing fits. 
   I'm still trying to figure out what caused it. I don't think it's a food allergy because I haven't eaten anything new or out of the ordinary. I guess it could be something I touched, maybe a plant, but I don't know what. We bought some daisies to put in our house, but I don't think it was those because my throat was tickling before we bought them. Any ideas, Mom?
   And as for rejection... We decided to pass by for Alex and Catalina (the poem family) one more time to see if they'd had a change of heart and were rejected all over again. It's so sad seeing someone's heart harden over in ignorance. I just don't get it. They were so positive before! The same thing happened with Indira. She was progressing so well, and then she suddenly did a 360. Jenni and Adalberto seem to have lost all interest in the church as well. It's hard to get rejected by strangers in the street, but it's even harder to get rejected by people you have grown to love. We fasted Saturday to Sunday, yet we were unable to bring even a single investigator to church. Most of our possibilities for baptisms this month have fallen through. I try to remind myself that it's an honor to be rejected for Christ's sake. Acts 5:41 the apostles rejoiced that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for His name. 
2 Cor. 4:17-18 "For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." Even though we saw a lot of rejection this week, I´m trying to focus on the things that are not seen, like the success that is never known. Abinidi only had one convert and he never even met him, but look what a grand affect Abinidi´s testimony had. Alma went on to bring thousands of souls into the fold of God. I'm choosing to press foward with a hopeful heart. 
   HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! Remember to have an attitude of gratitude. Cuz after all, attitude = apititude.
Love, Hermana Hawkins

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