Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lots of Music

  I have come to the conclusion that Nica public transportation varies between 5 types of music: 80´s music, often dirty Spanish reage, American rap, some type of religious music, and rancheros (mariachi band). Needless to say, I'm am going to be in desperate need of a good music binge when I get home haha. 
   Yesterday, we went to Managua to audition numbers for the mission Christmas activity next Monday. My last comp left me with two new harmonicas that her Mom had sent her, so Hermana Orellana and I have learned the harmonica and we´re gonna do a short song together in the variety show. I'm also in a few other numbers, my favorite of which is one with another sister and two elders. The sister had the sheet music for the Pentatonix version of "Little Drummer Boy" so we learned it and it sounds AWESOME! It´s gonna be so cool. i´m pumped. Speaking of Pentatonix, Mom,  I think I´ve listened to the Pentatonix CD you sent me at least 25 times haha. #stillnotsickofit.
   Tender mercy: My comp is a really heavy sleeper so she doesn´t mind if I sleep with the Christmas lights around my bed incended and with my Christmas music playing! Makes me sooo happy! My other comps would be bothered if I listened to music as I fell asleep or had lights on. 
   My comp has an interesting accent. It kinda sounds like she´s speaking Spanish with a French accent cuz it´s very gutteral-sounding (is that a word?)
   So we were teaching this lady this week named Carmela and as I was explaining the priesthood authority to her, her 14-year-old daughter Jessica came over to my comp and asked her a question. Then my comp proceeded to teach Jessica all of Lesson 1 in a hushed voice, invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon, and put a baptismal date with her as I was teaching the Mom! We had two lessons going on at the same time haha! But it was awesome because Jessica is super prepared for the gospel. The next day when we visited her, her mom told us that Jessica told her that when she prayed about the Book of Mormon, a ray of light fell on her. Jessica said she felt peace. She got her answer! AND she went to church on Sunday and liked it and wants to go next week! Looks like she´s gonna be our Christmas miracle! 
  We´re also started teaching this lady named Carolina who lives right in front of the church. In the last lessons she told us that just 3 weeks ago, about the time we first contacted her, God cured her from an almost fatal sickness. It seems as though He spared her life for the very prupose that she could hear the restored gospel. Please pray for her. 
  We had a good ward fellowship night this week. 3 less active families came. I taught them all how to make paper snowflakes and they seemed to really like it. I also handed out the candycanes at our zone meeting and explained the spiritual meaning of them. They loved it. 
  I have had a stuffed, runny nose and congestion for the last 2 weeks and I don´t know why. I´ve taken cold medicine and anthihistamine, but it doesn´t help. Almost every night this week, I´ve woken up with a dry tongue. Yuck. Also, the big allergy break out I had went away, but there is something else that has been causing me to break out in little ithy red spots and sometimes hives on my back and legs and arms. (Mom, I´ll send some pictures of it and maybe you´ll have an idea what´s causing it.) 
Well, that´s all for now. Love you all! 
Hermana Hawkins

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